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New pages: Muden, New Hannover, Hermansburg, KwaSizabantu, Harburg, Lilienthal, Wartburg
coming up soon: Greytown, Weenen.

Urban and Rural Exploration

What is this all about? In these web pages I present the results of our exploration activities. The full story of what this is all about is below the table. Select any of the places or towns you want to check out from the list below. Or have a look at the map. This is still in the experimental stage, but it's usable.

Free State
Allanridge   Arlington   Bethlehem   Bothaville   Coalbrook   Cornelia   Edenville   Frankfort   Groenvlei   Heilbron   Holly Country   Hoopstad   Kestell   Koppies   Leeupoort farm   Lindley   Oranjeville   Parys   Petrus-Steyn   Phuthaditjhaba   Reitz   Reitzburg   Rouxville   Reddersburg   Steynsrus   Tweeling   Vierfontein   Ventersburg   Viljoensdrift   Viljoenskroon   Villiers   Vredefort   Weilbach farm   Wesselsbron   Witsieshoek   Vrede  

North West
Frederikstad   Gerhard-Minnebron   Klerksdorp   Kroondal   Leeudoringstad   Venterskroon

Heidelberg   Jachtfontein   Modderfontein   Sharpeville   Sammy-Marks-museum   Willem-Prinsloo-museum

Bela-Bela   Modimole   Nylstroom   Warmbath

Amersfoort   Augsburg   Bergen   Dullstroom   Greylingstad   Val   Wakkerstroom   Waterval Onder   Wittenberg

Kwazulu Natal
Braunschweig   Greytown   Harburg   Hermannsburg   KwaSizabantu   Lilienthal   Lüneburg   Muden   New Hannover   Wartburg

Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth

Northern Cape
Kakamas   Pella   Pofadder

And here is something different, redundant rails
Dover to Vredefort   Wolvehoek to Heilbron   Redan to Grootvlei

That is because I am fascinated by redundant rail infrastructure and just love to follow the unused lines and visit the ruined stations.

Not really sure what to call ourselves. We are a small group of 'explorers' who have made it their hobby to explore the little towns and places dotted all over the wide areas of South Africa close enough to our home ground to enable quick, one day visits or, at the most, weekend visits.
Why are we doing this? Well, at least in my case, to make retired life interesting and in the process to pass on what we have found to others.
After some years of exploration activities I feel the need to sum it up and to share our 'discoveries' with the world. I wrote this a few years ago and have carried on since, adding more and more places. How do we go about our 'exploration' activity? First we select a place to be explored and do a background check with most of the information coming from the internet. On entering the town there are certain places we seek out routinely: the railway station, the biggest church (usually the NG church), other significant churches and the cemetery. Plus anything else that has drawn our attention. And then, of course, we talk to people. It is very pleasing to see how easy it is to talk with the inhabitants of these small towns. We have made many friends.

Until recently I had all this in Müllers Gazette, which included a blog on my hiking activities as well. It became too much and I decided to split it into two websites. This one just for the rural and urban exploration activities, keeping Müllers Gazette for hiking. If you want to move to there push this hyper link: Müllers Gazette

Any comments, suggestions can be directed to the web master: Horst Müller And not to forget, I must thank my companions for all the useful tips and input to develop these pages.